Department of Psychiatry &
Behavioral Medicine

Adult Partial Hospitalization Program

For adults who do not require care on an inpatient basis, we offer Adult Partial Hospitalization. This flexible treatment schedule may help reduce concerns for family obligations and other responsibilities faced by many adult patients. Adult Partial Hospitalization Services is part of the comprehensive health and wellness services available through the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral medicine at Greenville Hospital System University Medical Center.

Therapeutic Services
Therapy is coordinated and delivered by a team of experienced behavioral health professionals: a psychiatrist, licensed R.N.s and clinical therapists. Patients take part in individual, group and family therapy. Additional structured and therapeutic activities are approved daily.

Review and evaluation
Patients are actively involved in their multidisciplinary treatment plan and evaluation. The patient, along with the psychiatrist, nurse and therapist, has a role in creating and evaluating the progress of professionalized goals for therapy.

Treatment does not end with discharge. Team assessments; input from the patient, family members and employer; and other considerations are reviewed before a patient is discharged. As part of the treatment process, follow-up visits to a psychiatrist and therapist are scheduled.

Private Referral Services
Patient progress and treatment plans are shared only with referring physicians and other confidential referring professionals.

For more information about the Adult Partial Hospitalization Program or to schedule a free assessment, call (864) 455-8988 or call toll-free at 1-888-852-8520.